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Find out more information on Contactless and where to use it.

Please be aware that interest is charged from the date transactions are applied to your account until payment is received. Some cash machine operators may apply a direct charge for withdrawals from their cash machines and this will be advised on-screen at the time of withdrawal. You can use your card to make non-sterling cash withdrawals from self service machines operated by a third party and agree that the third party will perform the currency conversion for you.See more information on the rate of exchange Visa used when converting your transaction.Cost illustration of making a transaction abroad of €100.00 using the Visa exchange rate on 6 June 2017 of 0.876855 = £87.69 to which will be added the fees appropriate to your card and transaction as per the tables below: See more information on the rate of exchange Master Card used when converting your transaction.You should take the contactless card you wish to use to pay for your journey out of your wallet and touch it against the payment terminal on the bus until you see a green light and hear a single beep, this shows that the card has been validated (read successfully) for travel and is your authorisation for the fare to be deducted from your card account.If you see a red light and hear two beeps, the card has not been validated and you should try again.

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