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So be honest about who you are and figure out how to make that work for you.Intimidation does not equal success."When it comes to workplace demeanor, women are victims of a vicious double-standard: Too sweet and we're a pushover, too stern and we're the office bitch.

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The London-born artist, real name Sam Folorunsho, has been carefully crafting a formidable presence in the industry having caught the attention of the likes of Gilles Peterson, who credited him with making jazz “relevant again”.Watch Brenda Berkman's video above about her promotion to lieutenant as a female at the FDNY and learn about how she fought for equality for all women as a firefighter here.More From Levo: • 8 Things to Consider Before Starting an Office Romance • #Levo List: What’s Your Go-to Website When You Need a Break?Some are intimidating because they're utterly self-assured, and some are so straightforward that they come off as abrasive. Although it might seem counterintuitive, your most intimidating boss can be your greatest asset.John*, who worked as a recruiter for a web-based news company for almost a year, was initially intimidated by his female boss because of her dedication.

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