Ted danson dating

That's a great first step to the rest of what happens this season.

Q: With so many shows being revived these days, would you ever want to bring back ? That’s a fun thing to play when you’re in your 30s — probably not so much in your 60s. So we settled for what I actually enjoy anyway: lots of family and a few friends.

Q: At the end of the episode, Janet created a dim-witted new boyfriend, Derek (Jason Mantzoukas). I don't want to do a spoiler thing, but what (his character) brings is total chaos and danger to the plan to appear as if we're still torturing the humans.

He's such a loose canon, it makes for scary moments.

It’s easy to forget that Ted Danson once dated Whoopi Goldberg. We’ve rounded up just a few of the most bizarre celebrity couples in the history of celebrity-dom. After the relationship, in 2007, Presley expressed her regret.

But they’re not the only odd celebrity pairing, not by far. Tom Cruise dated a considerably older Cher back in the 80s, and the singer bragged that they even shacked up at one point. It was as if they couldn’t even believe they were dating.

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