Sick adult phone chat

“Even people who have healthy relationships with their adult children enter a stage when they don’t need to focus so much on parenting.

So give yourself permission to put the estranged child heartache on the back burner while you enjoy new experiences,” Kuczmarski suggests.

The Experience Project hosts a support group for parents of disaffected children.

The stories are heart-wrenching — no matter how old the children, the parents want them back in their lives.

Or maybe you said or did something that your child experienced as deeply wounding even if you never intended to hurt her.

The other possibility is that you might discover — or be forced to finally acknowledge — that something is “not quite right” with your child. He’ll pick a really expensive restaurant and I go along with it because I think, At the end of the meal, though, he’ll push his chair back, tell me how I ruined his life, call me a tightwad — even though I’m paying for dinner — and walk out in a huff.” Sometimes an adult child’s behavior is so bizarre that there might be a personality disorder or mental illness at play.

Rick Casey, who refused to underwrite his son Evan’s fantasy of a post-college “year of spirituality,” cannot make peace with him a decade later. But I thought it would build his character if he worked for a bit and saved money to help finance it,” Casey says. Rick speculated, reluctantly, that his son may be clinically depressed since he hasn’t been able to stick with a job for more than a few months. Martha Reilly had a pretty good relationship with her son, Adam — until he got married.

“First you have to recognize what caused the rupture,” Kuczmarksi says, “and you might not like what you find.” Perhaps you, like Kay, crossed a line.But I am worried about his mental health.” When Divorce Fosters Disunion Coleman says divorce may be the single most common cause of family alienation.Resentments can run deep, and some kids never get over it, however amicable it seemed to you.“This is in spite of the fact that I was awarded primary custody by the judge, who thought she was overbearing.” Apparently his ex-wife had a vendetta against him.“She even accused me of having an affair with their college-age babysitter,” he says. Now that both girls have kids of their own, they are reluctant to leave me alone with my grandchildren.

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