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When police raided his home in Whitby, North Yorkshire, in February, they found 458 images and 15 films on a computer showing children only months old being sexually abused.

Some were of the highest level of depravity, York Crown Court was told.

Only when you are considered safe will you be released into the public.' The mother of the girl called Thompson a monster who should never be released.

Outside court, the mother of one of the ten-year-olds, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: 'The minimum tariff is five-and-half-years but he should stay locked up long after that.

The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) believes this level of deprivation alone – and not racism – is enough to cause a place like Nelson to "blow".

Chris Myant of the CRE said: "These are not race riots but public order riots.

A survey of 750 Asian households in the district for a recent Salford University study demonstrated equally pronounced socio-economic divides.

The results are predictable now, but they were apparently unobserved before Oldham's riots six weeks ago: no one in full-time work in half of Asian households; £9,000 average income in more than 200 households; 50 per cent Asian male unemployment.

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A 50 per cent Asian contingent grew to 70 per cent during the time there of Mrs Parker's oldest son.It is five miles from Accrington, which awoke yesterday to news of five overnight petrol bomb attacks – one racially motivated – on a car, a Roman Catholic school and a DIY store.Since midweek, the Pendle valley on which Nelson is built offers an easy metaphor for its racial separations: the Asians are at the bottom and whites at the top, divided by the Lomesher Road.'All the while he harboured a sick, twisted secret. He is an intelligent man and I fear he may be able to hoodwink the parole board into securing an early release.' Sergeant Julie Kay, of Tameside police's child protection unit, said: 'He was the most disturbing sex offender I have ever interviewed.'It is a horrendous state of affairs when you come across someone who believes they are having a consensual sexual relationship with a six-year-old girl.

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