Removing online dating profile

He wondered why I was surprised he was still online, and I did not go into what he had said previously as I thought it pointless. In the conversation he said he felt as I was monitoring his activity and I assured him I'm not. He said I should have told him then what was bothering me or picked up the phone during the week.

Also commented on what a great dad he is and wished him the best of luck.If he does not call, then you have your answer - and can move on.I suggest not taking offense to any of this - stuff just like this happens all the time in the dating world. I don't think he'll be any great loss if he doesn't call you. I've noticed in my own past - that if something someone does at the very beginning of a new relationship bothers me just a little ...Fundamental Truth #3 - Be Careful Right Out of the Starting Gate a discussion about the front-end of any brand-new relationship, and also exposes how great sex can hide the truth about someone new.

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