Pa laws for minors dating

The law subjects a violator to the general criminal penalty for violating the Liquor Control Act.This is a fine of up to $ 1,000, one year in prison, or both (CGS 30-113).Minors must be at least 15 years old to work in a grocery store that sells beer and at least 18 years old to work in any other liquor establishment. Liquor permittees are prohibited from allowing a minor to loiter on the premises unless the minor is an employee or in the company of his parent or guardian.The law prohibits DCP from issuing a liquor permit to a minor.Further, the University of Connecticut can obtain a permit to sell liquor.

The law prohibits inducing a minor to procure liquor from anyone with a liquor permit.The statement must be kept on file in the permit premises.In cases in which (1) the age statement form has been obtained, (2) the permittee is subsequently charged with serving a minor, and (3) the permittee introduces the statement in the proceedings and shows that the evidence presented to prove age was such as would convince a reasonable man, then no penalty may be imposed.The law requires liquor sellers to require anyone whose age is in question to complete an age statement form and prescribes the form.In completing the form, the customer states that he is over 21 years old, knows that the law prohibits liquor sales to someone younger, and knows that the penalty for willfully misrepresenting one’s age is a fine of up to $ 150 for a first offense and up to $ 250 for subsequent offenses.

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