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But the most important thing is that I want to do a funny show.", which routinely refashions societal taboos about women's sex lives, careers, and mothering through the eyes—and whip-smart barbs—of its heroine: OB/GYN Mindy Lahiri, a pop-culture savant who may be somewhat self-absorbed, but is always colorfully adorned.

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"I love tackling important issues and things that are difficult to talk about.Currently, the two are not together on the show, but Messina is still a fan favorite.Recently, Mindy Kaling set the record straight on reports that Messina wouldn’t be a series regular for the upcoming season.I think he’s one of these guys where he didn’t picture himself as a dad, and now he’s in it, and I think he’s going to calm down and find peace with it.I actually think he’s not going to want to go to work and be a stay-home dad instead.”“I just thought it was really ballsy of her and the show, and I like that. You have to write what’s good and what excites you, and this story line excited them, and I’m all for whatever that is.

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