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The jet-setting auction house rainmaker is known for schmoozing billionaire collectors, which means she’ll be everywhere at ABMB.

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A well-connected man of mystery hiding behind totally on-trend designer shades? His new book “Management of Art Galleries” sent ripples through the art world thanks to its insights into the management styles and success secrets of big-time dealers like Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch.

But who, you may ask, should you be networking with?

From Leonardo Di Caprio (good luck with that one) to Stefan Simchowitz.

This made him strangely loyal to his "friend", but did not stop him from intimidating Robertson, who planned a story that for the school paper exposing Lonnie as an extortionist. Lonnie filed his teeth to points to add to his already intimidating image, he also crafted his fighting skills in numerous street fights. During this time Robertson had became a reporter for a local paper.

After they parted Robertson went to meet an informant for a story, only to see him killed by Lincoln.

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