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Div X Plus Web Player supports video that contains 5.1 channel surround sound (with AAC audio), so with a proper soundcard, you can get an immersive audio experience from your web video.

Additionally, because Div X users span the globe, we built our web player to support multiple subtitles and audio tracks.

Starting 90 days after the final Perian release, we will no longer provide support.

We'll wrap up our loose ends, pack up our bags, and move on to new and exciting projects.

Perian has to read in the entire file in order for seeking and playback to work.

Quick Time supports hardware acceleration for some profiles of H.264; however, which profiles these are is not documented and may change on different Mac models.

There are three Div X codecs; the original MPEG-4 Part 2 Div X codec, the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Div X Plus HD codec and the High Efficiency Video Coding Div X HEVC Ultra HD codec.

Sure, they're not Perian, but they offer great software still under development. Please consider removing obsolete Quick Time Components: FFusion, Xvid Delegate, 3iv X, Div X, Div X Decoder, Xvi D, msmpeg4v1, msmpeg4v2, Avi Importer, EX_M4S2, Casio AVI Importer, AC3 Codec, and Matroska QT.In early 2000, Jordan Greenhall recruited Rota to form a company (originally called Div XNetworks, Inc., renamed to Div X, 2005) to develop an MPEG-4 codec, from scratch, that would still be backward-compatible with the Microsoft MPEG-4 Version 3 format.Div X is a brand of video codec products developed by Div X, LLC.The Div X codec is notable for its ability to compress lengthy video segments into small sizes while maintaining relatively high visual quality.

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