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Until the amount of time that is specified by the TTL passes, DNS resolvers will continue to return the old value in response to DNS queries.

If you want to know what the TTL is for a resource record set, perform the following procedure.

To determine whether this is the issue, you can test by creating a location that contains only one network interface.

If issues continue after trying these steps, consider removing any manually-entered DNS addresses from the Network preferences pane.

Note For alias resource record sets, the TTL is determined by the AWS resource that the resource record set routes traffic to.

For more information, see Choosing Between Alias and Non-Alias Resource Record Sets.

If your ISP provides only one DNS address, consider requesting a second one to use when the first one becomes unavailable.

After you have the addresses, you can use these steps to change your DNS information.

When you transfer DNS service to Amazon Route 53, you need to use the method that is provided by your domain registrar to change the name servers that are associated with your domain.It searches your computer's network interfaces until it finds the one that is connected to the Internet.You might experience a delay while your computer determines which network it's on.When you transferred DNS service to Amazon Route 53, you used the method provided by the registrar for your domain to replace the name servers for the previous DNS service with the four name servers for Amazon Route 53.Domain registrars typically use a TTL (time to live) of 24 to 48 hours for name servers.

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