Dating an investment banker advice

We give all applicants the same amount of initial consideration.

If your academics and professional experience meet our criteria, you'll have every chance of getting through to the interview stage." "I don't think there's currently any industry with a greater focus on ensuring an increase in diversity!

It's true that the industry has historically been quite male-dominated, and the media likes to play up this "alpha male" image of banking with characters like Gordon Gekko and Jordan Belfort from the The Wolf of Wall Street.

But things have changed dramatically over the past 20 years and there's a huge push across the industry to focus on recruiting, retaining and developing more women to ensure continued and increased innovation and diversity of thought.

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In reality, the role of many people working in investment banking bears little resemblance to trading.But you can manage these effectively by being disciplined and productive with your time.Investment banking can be a great way of challenging and pushing yourself.The role of an analyst working in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), for example, is actually not all that far removed from that of a junior management consultant.It requires the gathering and analysis of different data sets and information, which is then used in advising a client on how best to proceed with a particular deal or transaction.

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