Consolidating data in excel

Consolidate According to the Position in an Excel Worksheet Identify Categories to Consolidate Excel Data Use Formulas to Consolidate Excel Data Access the Pivot Table function Community Q&A Microsoft Office Excel comes with several features for customizing tables and charts full of important data.

The program also offers efficient ways to combine and summarize data from multiple files, also known as worksheets.

In Excel,you may always meet this problem, when you have a range of data which contains some duplicate entries, and now you want to combine the duplicate data and sum the corresponding values in another column, as following screenshots shown. Combine duplicate rows and sum the values with Consolidate function Combine duplicate rows and sum the values with VBA code Combine duplicate rows and sum the values with Kutools for Excel Combine corresponding rows based on duplicate values in another column with Kutools for Excel The Consolidate is a useful tool for us to consolidate multiple worksheets or rows in Excel, so with this function, we can also summarize multiple rows based on the duplicates. Click a cell where you want to locate the result in your current worksheet. See screenshot: Note: If the range do not have the header row, you need uncheck Top row from the Use labels in option. Address, Type:=8) Set Dic = Create Object("Scripting. Value For i = 1 To UBound(arr, 1) Dic(arr(i, 1)) = Dic(arr(i, 1)) arr(i, 2) Next Application.

After finishing the settings, click OK, and the duplicates are combined and summed.

Data consolidation is useful in cases where you want to summarize data from more than one source.

This source data could be within the same Excel workbook on different worksheets.

It is as simple as adding a new worksheet and selecting a cell, say ‘B2’.

Like before, click on ‘Consolidate’ in the ‘Data Tools’ selection of the ‘Data’ tab. Now you need to select the range that includes the column headers and row labels.

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Below you can find the workbooks of three districts.

Common methods to consolidate in Excel include consolidating by position, by category, by formula or by using Excel’s Pivot Table feature.

Scroll past the jump to learn how to consolidate in Excel so that your information appears in a master worksheet as a reference whenever you need to generate reports.

Excel's Consolidate feature's claim to fame is merging and summarizing values from multiple workbooks.

It's a great tool for combining data when several users work with different instances of the same file.

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